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God has blessed each of us with so many good things.  If nothing else, He has blessed each of us a life.  Everything God has given us is to be used and managed in a way that brings glory to God.  Managing our finances so that we “owe no one anything, except love” is management that brings God glory.  Managing our relationships and influence in such a way that we people seek us for godly wisdom is management that brings glory to God.


In a similar way, the church is responsible to manage its treasure, resources, time, and influence in a God-glorifying way.  The Stewardship Function is most responsible for this aspect of the ministry.


One of the core values of CGC is to keep record of those persons who have been impacted by, or had an impact on the church.  To this end, we seek to keep an up to date directory of members, regular attendees, and guests.


In addition to data pertaining to people, the Stewardship Function is responsible for managing the financial matters of the church.  This includes all income and expenditures made by the ministry.  To the greatest extent possible, annual giving reports are produced and made available to those individuals who have given money to the ministry.


Another core value of CGC is to be transparent in regards to financial matters. Therefore, financial reports are available to members by request.


Below are some of the roles that are part of the Stewardship Council:

Data Entry Clerk Accountant
Money Counters Bookkeeper
Treasurer Secretary

If interested, please contact: Allethia Perrin*

*Please Note:  Due to the sensitive nature of this aspect of the ministry, there are certain qualifications and requirements that must be met for these roles.

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