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Social Justice

God is a just God.  Everyday millions pray, “Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.”  God’s kingdom is one where the “powerless” are protected by the law.  It is a kingdom where the “poor” are not sentenced to perpetual poverty.  Social injustice is an affront to this Kingdom.


In scripture, there is a strong tradition of prophets who decried social injustice and called the nation to be accountable for its oppression and injustice.  From Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah to Amos, Habakkuk and Malachi, and even to Jesus, the call for justice is consistent and constant in Scripture.

In that same tradition, the Social Service Council lifts its voice to call our society to account and to demand justice for those who, very often, are unable to call for it themselves.

Below are some the roles necessary for an effective Social Justice Council: 

Writers Strategists
News Watchers/Analysts    

If interested, please contact: Reginald White

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