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Dear Friends,


You are being invited on a mission adventure that will change your life.  Does that sound like a bold statement?  Well, relax.  We have it on good authority that this trip has been commissioned by the highest authority in the land (or any other land for that matter): the King of Kings.   Over two thousand years ago, He commissioned every believer of every race and every generation throughout all time until He returns, to be about our Fatherís business of making disciples of all nations.  Now it is your turn and your time.



 Below you will find the preliminary details and enough information for you to start getting ready.  Please read it very carefully, as there is a lot of information.  It may not all apply to you.  Please note that you have several options to choose from. They are as follows:

Option Packages
Opt. Dates Destination
1 Oct. 11-Nov. 6, 2007 Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana
2 Oct. 11-Nov. 22, 2007 Nigeria
3 Oct. 21-Oct. 31, 2007


4 Oct. 29-Nov. 7, 2007 Ghana

Please notice that you have several options to choose from.  The entire trip is a little over three weeks, but you may choose to come for only one week.  Each week has a different purpose, as well.  In Nigeria and Ghana, the main emphasis will be on doing discipleship and mission mobilization training with national pastors and missionaries.  In Togo we will be doing some training, but also visiting the African missionaries that different AOF cell groups support.  As soon as we receive your completed Mission Trip Application and Participation Form, and application fee, we will take care of setting up all the other arrangements for you.  The only part of the trip you will be responsible for planning will be your travel arrangements in getting from your home to Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.  You must plan to arrive in Atlanta in enough time to catch your connecting flight out of the country.  Remember that check-in time for an international flight is at least three hours before scheduled departure, so please book your flight to and from Atlanta to allow enough time for this.  You will also be responsible for arranging your return flight from Hartsfield airport to your home when you return.

As soon as we receive your application forms, along with the $200.00/per person application fee, we will send you a more personalized package that will cover your part of the trip.  It will include suggested items to take with you, some useful French phrases if your destination is Togo,  general information about the country, suggestions on appropriate attire for both men and women, and some cultural doís and doníts.  You will also receive a projected ground itinerary, and what you will be doing each day.